Mark it

We are a consultancy firm that helps enterprises to accelerate their path to growth and internationalisation.

We provide a Marketing as a Service (MAAS) and Strategy as a Service (SAAS) consultancy, working with the client at their company in our capacity as temporary managers, or on single projects, with extremely flexible degrees of in-company presence.

Finance your internationalisation plan with MARK IT

MARK IT is made up of innovation managers certified by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development who can access non-refundable contributions for company process digitalisation consultancy services, in particular in the field of new customer acquisition and international market penetration.

Our work method

Scalability and flexibility

The MARK IT service can be up or downscaled according to the client's needs, who can change the frequency of work, the number of assigned managers and the type of service.

Streamlined activation

No need for hiring procedures, the MARK IT service can be rapidly activated, suspended or cancelled with minimum notice.

Access to know-how and best practices

The MARK IT service enables access to a data base of know-how and best practices developed thanks to the multi-year experience of its managers in different sectors, both B2B and B2C.

Internal team training

The in-company presence of one or more MARK IT managers activates an internal training path congenial to the company's future development.

Management team


Marketing Consultant

I am an expert in corporate communications. I prepare brand positioning plans after attentively listening to the requirements of the company I have been requested to operate for. I believe in sustainability, I place the client and my clients' customers at the centre of everything that I do, and I am convinced that innovation is the only way to improve the place we live in.

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Marketing Consultant, MBA

I am an expert in marketing and corporate strategy, having acquired my expertise as a marketing manager working for multinational companies. My core competencies are strategic marketing, product development, integrated marketing plan management with emphasis on digitalization and lead generation, analysis and customer’s buying experience. Teamwork and innovation are the values I believe in.

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Marketing Consultant

I am an integrated marketing communication consultant, with a strong expertise in brand communication from years of experience working with agencies like Graffiti and McCann, and various multinationals. Today, I use my marketing capabilities, business understanding and creativity to solve my clients’ issues. I believe in the power of storytelling, collaboration and diversity of thoughts that are part of my day to day work.

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Junior Marketing Consultant

I’m a junior marketing consultant. I provide companies with my knowledge and skills to help them achieve their goals. I cut out the best solutions to give a brand authority and success through perseverance and a touch of creativity when needed. I do not neglect the continuous updating on new channels, formats and trends that populate the digital world to monitor better tools and strategies to be adopted. Finally, I am counting on the sharing of ideas so that they can be better realized thanks to everyone’s contribution.

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Our values

At MARK IT we have values and rules which guide our activities.

Continuous improvement

We believe in the culture of training and continuous improvement; we constantly participate in training courses to innovate our services and provide our clients with added value.


We want to be judged on the basis of the results we achieve. This is why we see our work as extremely flexible and linked to the success we achieve with our clients.


We are actors of change at companies where we operate. We focus on innovation to improve company processes and contribute towards building a competitive edge.

Ambition and courage

We believe that in order to bring added value to our clients, it is important for our managers to help our clients fulfil their mission. The successful outcome of each project, no matter how ambitious, depends on determination, courage, and leadership.

Sharing and training

We believe that the sharing of choices with work teams and the capacity to train a team are fundamental requirements for the enhancement of resources, ensuring they are part of the successes and the enactment of positive change.

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