Calculate the company’s and products' emissions, activate a CO2 reduction strategy, or become Carbon Neutral by participating in international environmental sustainability projects.

Become a carbon neutral company

Today companies are being called to act in mitigating climate change by reducing their CO2 footprint. Consumers are increasingly interested in transparency about the environmental impact of the brands they buy, thus a significant number (79% - Capgemini research) change their purchasing preferences due to concerns about corporate sustainability.

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MARK IT and CLIMATE PARTNERS will help you calculate corporate or product emissions and develop a strategy of reducing or offsetting CO2 emissions, based on corporate targets and values.

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We will work together to develop the best solutions for your business, from long-term climate action strategy to total emissions offset.

Environmental impact analysis

You can choose to analyze both the volume of CO2 that the company generates in its activities and the CO2 emissions generated over the life cycle of a single product or service.

Reduction or offsetting carbon emissions strategy

Once the environmental impact analysis has been carried out, we will develop a structural emission reduction strategy (Science-Based Target) for your business. Alternatively, on a short term, you can choose to activate neutralization projects that will immediately make your company or your products «Carbon Neutral».

Launch of new products aligned to the corporate sustainability strategy

We help the R&D department design the right products for your customers, aligned with your corporate sustainability strategy and gain a competitive advantage. Together we analyze the product along its development path: from design to production up to the launch.

Activation of carbon offset projects

If you want your company or products to be “Carbon Neutral” right away, you can invest in CO2 credits for carbon offset projects. These are certified projects that contribute to reaching the UN’s sustainable development objectives.

Certification and communication

We support companies with all the documentation that certifies your company’s commitment to the climate and the communication plan of the sustainability project. We provide you with the Climate Neutrality certificate, the Climate Neutral label that can accompany your product or can be inserted in all your communication channels together with the activation of the ID where you can track the selected carbon compensation project.

marketing operativo markit

Neutralization of CO2 emissions: Mark it case study

MARK IT has chosen to neutralize CO2 emissions at the company level. An accurate 4 step process: from identifying polluting activities to calculating the impact of CO2 emitted for each activity, quantifying the total impact, and the investment in CO2 credits to offset emissions through certified neutralization projects that have made the company Carbon Neutral right away. Thus, MARK IT managed to offset 17,600 kg of CO2 emitted at the company level through two projects – Clean Oceans and Biomass in Colombia.

Here you can consult our project.

Biomass project in Colombia

Clean Oceans project

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