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About Us

We are a team of marketing and business strategy experts with experience in multinationals and big communication agencies. We provide you with one or more marketing managers who will help you improve perception of your brand, increase visibility, and correctly promote your products. Our consultants are "Innovation Managers", certified by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.

Our approach

We work on single projects or on a continuous collaboration basis. We can be present at the company for as long as it takes, or we can provide you with remote assistance. You will be able to activate and deactivate our service according to your requirements.


Do you need support for a specific activity? Market analysis, a website, a product launch? We discuss your request online or face to face before processing and pursuing the project.


If you need a marketing manager to follow your company on an ongoing basis, create a marketing team or help you train an internal resource.


Market <br>analysis


Analysing competitors, breaking the market down into customer categories and analysing the needs of each segment is the starting point of a successful strategy.

Strategic <br>marketing


We plan the activities linked to the brand, to products and distribution processes, to create a long-term competitive advantage.

Operational <br>marketing


We manage all marketing activities defined in the strategic marketing plan so that new clients connect and interact with your company.

Customer <br>Experience


By designing a superior purchasing experience, you will be able to transform your company into a client-centred organisation.

Carbon<br> neutral


Facing the need to do something concrete to safeguard the planet, we help you in calculating the company’s and products' CO2 emissions in order to develop a sustainable strategy and become a Carbon Neutral company.

Experience Clients

We have a team of marketing consultants who have built their experience by working with national and international brands on different markets: renewable energies, IoT, the recycling industry, FMCG, technology, the manufacturing sector, 3D printing, retail and beauty. We have a diversified client portfolio, ranging from B2B to B2C, from start-ups to small and medium sized enterprises and multinationals.

If you would like to place our competencies at the service of your business, contact us.


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