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3 November 2021

Mark it is Carbon Neutral

The current concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has never been so high, at least not in the last...

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28 October 2021

Why do you need to internationalize your company?

Why should you internationalize your company? Because internationalizing means increasing knowledge and relati...

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13 October 2021

A change in customer behavior: moral values increasingly determine the purchase

What is meant by a change in customer behavior Today a change in customer behavior is characterized by a more ...

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23 June 2021

How Mission and Vision guide your company to meeting its objectives

Mission and Vision are two concepts often linked to brands such as Nike, Amazon, and Coca-Cola that for years ...

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26 September 2020

Brand, brand identity and branding

As a company owner who wants to grow the business, or a start-upper, you’ve probably heard the word brand a mi...

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