Mark it is Carbon Neutral

Today companies can make their contribution to the environment

3 November 2021

The current concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has never been so high, at least not in the last 2 million years. This concentration is one of the main causes of our planet’s average rise in temperature, which we have set ourselves to contain within 1.5° C.  According to the latest report of the IPCC (you can download it here), the situation is going to get worse if actions are not taken. In the most optimistic of scenarios, we will be able to contain the rise in temperature to 1.6 º C by 2050. This very optimistic objective is unlikely to be achievable because there is a lack of technology, resources, and the commitment of all.

And by all, we mean companies included: for sure, companies will be called upon to play a key role in achieving the climate objectives and will be a driving force in making others aware of the imminence of the problem while offering solutions.  As to solutions, we want to have our say: part of our job is to share new ways of seeing things “responsibly”, to suggest new technologies to produce objects, to bring forward companies that prioritize sustainability in its many forms.

Since 2020, Mark it is the first Italian company with a focus on innovation, marketing, and communication to be Carbon Neutral. All the carbon dioxide emissions that we have produced through our activities, from the use of servers to the company’s trips, have been first reduced – for example by preferring the train to the plane and reducing travels to the bare minimum. And where the reduction was not possible, we compensated the emissions by activating global neutralization projects such as Plastic Bank, focused on cleaning the oceans from plastic and a biomass production project in Soacha, Colombia. On Climate Partner‘s website – our partner for Italy for these projects – by entering the 15673-2103-1001 code, you can either download our Carbon Neutral certificate or see our entire project.

Being the first Carbon Neutral company in our industry in Italy comes as well with great responsibility, that of helping other companies to reduce their CO2 emissions and thus be active in the fight against climate change.

We have translated this responsibility into partnering with Climate Partner, the leader in the calculation of the CO2 emissions in business processes. By calculating a corporate or product carbon footprint, we will be able to help you understand your companies’ or products’ emissions and help you take further actions in order for you to become Carbon Neutral. We can help you implement all the activities needed for you to reduce the emission quota to the minimum possible while the inevitable emissions, will be compensated by supporting neutralization projects in developing Gold Standard certified projects.

Mark it did it first, now it’s up to all of us!

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