Analyze your customer’s experience and your business will take off

Creating a unique shopping experience can count more than the product itself

26 October 2020

Do you know what “Customer Experience” or “CX” is?

To summarize to the fullest, CX is the analysis of the degree of customer satisfaction throughout the customer’s “journey” with a company, starting with getting to know the brand, through the purchasing process and the use of the good/service, up to retention or customer loyalty.

Nowadays, conscientious companies are changing their organizational set-up to ensure that their customers’ experience of their brand is unique at all “stages of the journey”. Recent research by KPMG shows that companies that have adopted a strategy based on customer experience analysis have seen their revenues increase by 25%, on average.

My personal experience with this type of ‘customer centric’ approach began with reading Joseph Michelli’s book “Driven to delight”, which tells how in 2012 Mercedes Benz USA transformed from a ‘product-oriented’ organization” into a “customer-obsessed” one, by redefining a buying and ownership experience that could continue to uphold the Mercedes brand promise “The best or nothing”, widening its scope to everything consumers demand today, beyond the product quality.

In 2020, MARK IT team began applying the CX approach on some of its clients in both B2B and B2C markets. Our approach to CX unfolds on some key stages:

  1. Study the customer profile and value propositions that the company puts forward for the specific customer.
  2. Study the FIT between customer’s needs and value propositions
  3. Analyze the customer journey phases and the current level of satisfaction at all points of contact between the customer and the company
  4. Analyze the current degree of satisfaction
  5. Define the desired customer experience
  6. Implement the new activities, starting with those that are immediately applicable (Quick wins) and those that require more complex planning

If you want to know your customer’s current level of satisfaction and identify actions that would help you gain a competitive advantage, do contact us.

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